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Projects / Activities Description During 2018

Projects / Activities Description During 2018

Upon our establishment in May 2018 the projects and activities undertaken in the field of consulting services were the following. 

With the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science of the Cyprus University of technology we engaged in European funded program AGROINNOECO, part of INTERREG – BALKAN MEDITERRANEAN 2014 – 2020. According to the programs requirements we were responsible for supporting the university in dissemination events and networking, for the development and editing promotional of audiovisual material as well as press releases, for organizing meetings and conventions abroad and the preparation of studies and project evaluations. 

Important industry project was the one initiated with the largest producers and exporter of Cyprus in fresh herbs, Alion Vegetables and Fruits Co. Ltd regarding the optimization of field operations and production management with the focus on environmental management and food safety. The increasing market needs, environmental and food safety regulations are of great importance for the company and we were called to provide expert support on various related issues. Similar, small projects were undertaken with young small farmers who are oriented in becoming large professionals of the Agrifood industry and our company supported them in building solid foundations during their embarkment into this challenging field. 

Going over the more business-oriented end, strategic marketing support and strategic marketing planning was provided to MG Salinity Solution Ltd and the 5th element corporation for introducing their innovative products and solutions to the Agrifood industry. Our contribution was aiding the two companies in their marketing efforts and 


business strategy as well as with acquiring field trial results for use as supporting data to their entire new business development strategy. 

Lastly, the research and development part of our consulting and supporting services was utilized in the preparation of a research proposal under the acronym MedQuality. The proposal was for improving the Quality of Mediterranean Olive Oil by Exchanging the Best Practices through DLT Technologies under PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area). The main theme of the proposal was the implementation of innovation in the Mediterranean Agrifood chains by smallholders and SME’s. Our involvement was on the part of the program’s technical aspects and pilot scientific description and implementation procedures.

Our role as a pure consulting and supporting services organization has been further introduced in the Cyprus market and already, as in the beginning, there is very positive feedback and interest. 




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